The Divine Life Society
Afdeling Aalst


Salutations, adorations, prostrations to Guru,
Guru is Brahmaa, Guru is Siva, Guru is Vishnu.
Guru is father, Guru is mother, Guru is real friend.
Serve him with all bhaava, wet with bhakti.
He will teach you Brahma Vidyaa, show the divine path.
Service of Guru is a great purifier.
Worship the Brahmavidyaa Gurus on Guru Purnima day
Naaraayana, Brahma, Vasishtha, Shakti, Parashara,
Vyaasa, Suka, Gaudapaada, Govinda, Shankara,
Padmapaada, Hastamalaka, Trotaka, Sureshvara.
They will bless you, they will teach you, they will protect you.
Guru's grace is necessary for Self-realisation.
Have devotion to Guru as much as you have to the Lord.
Then only the truths will be revealed unto thee.
Do not expect a miracle from him to enter into samaadhi.
You will have to, yourself do, rigorous saadhanaa.
He will inspire, remove pitfalls, and all snares.
Do not find any fault in your own Guru.
If you find fault, this will retard spiritual progress.
Worship him, deify him, glorify him,
Relation between Guru and disciple is very very sacred.
Do not break this certainly till the end of your life.
Your father gives only this physical body,
But Guru helps you to cross this ocean of samsaara.
He entirely changes your worldly nature.
His instructions serve as your eye opener.
He helps you to drink the nectar of immortality.
You cannot repay his debt in millions of births.
Stick to one Guru steadily with faith and devotion.
This is the best way to reach the goal quickly and safely.